Ingham County Friend of the Court Forms

The following forms are used by Ingham County Friend of the Court. For a full list of forms that can be used in Family Court, please visit the Domestic Relations section of this website.

The forms available on this page are distributed electronically via digital delivery only for a download/access fee of $2.47 except where otherwise indicated in RED. You will be provided with instant download access and a secure download link via e-mail once your transaction has been processed successfully. All transactions are processed safely and securely via PayPal and can be made using a credit/debit card.

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Opt Out Packet

Number Form Title PDF PDF
Opt Out Packet Opt Out of Friend of the Court Services (includes forms FOC101 & FOC102) $14.99


Number Form Title PDF PDF
ING-FOC01 Motion to Establish or Change Custody
ING-FOC02 Motion to Establish or Change Parenting Time
ING-FOC03 Motion to Establish or Change Support
ING-FOC04 Motion RE: Change of Domicile/Legal Residence
Number Form Title PDF PDF
ING-FOC05 Response to Motion RE: Custody
ING-FOC06 Response to Motion RE:Support
ING-FOC07 Response to Motion RE: Parenting Time
Number Form Title PDF PDF
ING-FOC08 Objection to Post-Judgement Conciliator’s Recommended Order
ING-FOC09 Objection to Pre-Judgement Conciliator’s Recommended Order
ING-FOC10 Objection to Referee Recommendation
ING-FOC11 Objection to Order Following Joint Meeting (PT)
Miscellaneous Forms
Number Form Title PDF PDF
ING-FOC12 Request Payment History
ING-FOC13 Address Change Form
ING-FOC14 PIN Replacement Form
ING-FOC15 Direct Deposit Form
ING-FOC16 Parenting Time Complaint Form
ING-FOC17 Friend of the Court Referral Order
Medical Forms
Number Form Title PDF PDF
ING-FOC18 Objection to National Medical Support Notice
ING-FOC19 Forms to Claim Uninsured Medical Expenses
ING-FOC20 Objection to Claim for Uninsured Medical Expenses

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