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The following forms are used by Wayne County Friend of the Court. For a full list of forms that can be used in Family Court, please visit the Domestic Relations section of this website.

The forms available on this page are distributed electronically via digital delivery only for a download/access fee of $2.47 (except where otherwise listed in red). You will be provided with instant download access and a secure download link via e-mail once your transaction has been processed successfully. All transactions are processed safely and securely via PayPal and can be made using a credit/debit card.

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Opt Out Packet

Number Form Title PDF PDF
Opt Out Packet Opt Out of Friend of the Court Services (includes forms FOC101 & FOC102) $14.99

Divorce Forms

Number Form Title PDF PDF
DIV-PACK Michigan Divorce Packet [includes 28 individual forms] – Immediate Download Access $47.99 $27.96
DIV-PACK-HC Michigan Divorce Packet [includes 28 individual forms] – Hard Copy w/Free Delivery $149.99 $97.96

In Pro Per Forms

Number Form Title PDF PDF
MC20 Affidavit and Order Suspension of Fees and Costs
FOC10 Uniform Child Support Order
FOC10a Uniform Child Support Order No Friend of Court Services
FOC10b Uniform Spousal Support Order
FOC10c Uniform Spousal Support Order No Friend of Court Services
FOC68 Objection to Referee’s Recommended Order
FOC104 Request To Reopen Friend Of The Court Case
FD-FOC4004 Praecipe for Motion $4.99
FD-FOC4100 Motion for Payment Plan and Order Adjusting Arrears
FD-FOC4100 Compliance with Payment Plan
FD-FOC4124 Motion to address general financial issues
FD-FOC4018 Motion to change custody
FD-FOC4021 Motion to Set Aside Affidavit of Parentage
FD-FOC4022 Request for Access to Friend of the Court Records
FD-FOC4029 Objections to ExParte Order and Proof of Service
FD-FOC4030 Motion for Hearing Before the Assigned Referee
FD-FOC4031 Motion to Change Parenting Time
FD-FOC4033 Motion to Transfer Your Case to Another Michigan County
FD-FOC4035 Motion to Change Child Support
FD-FOC4037 Miscellaneous Motions to be Heard by a Judge, not a Referee
FD-FOC4038 Motion to Set Aside Order of Filiation and for Genetic Testing
FD-FOC4045 Demand for Health Care Payment
FD-FOC4052 Request for Custody and Parenting Time Order Enforcement

Information for Attorneys

Number Form Title PDF PDF
FOC101 Advice of Rights $4.99
MC02 Appearance $4.99
FD-FOC4113 Attorney Access to FOC File $4.99
FD-FOC1225 Ex Parte Certificate of Conformity $4.99
FIN-INFO Financial Information Form $4.99
FOC72 Request to Access FOC Records $4.99
FOC102 Order Exempting Case from FOC Services $4.99
FD-FOC4125 Reschedule Referee Motion Hearing $4.99

Miscellaneous Forms

Number Form Title PDF PDF
FOC23 Verified Statement
FD-FOC4024 Customer Service Inquiry Form
FD-FOC30211 Transcript Request Form
FD-FOC4041 Address and Demographic Change Form
FD-FOC4019 Notice of Hearing
FD-FOC4020 Certificate of Mailing Re Motion and Notice of Hearing
FD-FOC4008 Financial Information Form
FD-FOC4058 Incarcerated Party Special Instructions
INJ-SPOUSE Injured Spouse Waiver Form
FD-FOC4125 Reschedule Referee Motion Hearing Form
FD-FOC4060 Demand for Transcript Form

Personal Protection Order (PPO) Forms

Form Number Form Title PDF PDF
VER-ADD Verified Addendum to Petition
VER-PET Verified Statement
VER-ADD-EXT Extra Sheet to Verified Addendum
POL-RESP Police Response


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