Genesee County Friend of the Court Forms

The forms available on this page are distributed electronically via digital delivery only for a download/access fee of $2.47 except where otherwise indicated in RED. You will be provided with instant download access and a secure download link via e-mail once your transaction has been processed successfully. All transactions are processed safely and securely via PayPal and can be made using a credit/debit card.

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Opt Out Packet

Number Form Title PDF PDF
Opt Out Packet Opt Out of Friend of the Court Services (includes forms FOC101 & FOC102) $14.99

General Forms

Number Form Title PDF PDF
DHS-1377 Direct Deposit Authorization
ADCOP Copy Request Form  – to request a copy of a document previously placed in your file; subject to a charge of $2.00 per page
INF-REQ Information Request – to request pay history prior to 2003.
FOC108 Change In Personal Information – Please also provide identification with form
REAS-PT Reasonable Parenting Time Rights – Reasonable rights of parenting time as ordered by the courts when parties cannot agree.

Pro-Per Forms

Number Form Title PDF PDF
CS-PKT Motion Regarding Child Support
FOC51 Response to Motion Regarding Child Support
CUS-PKT Motion Regarding Custody
FOC88 Response to Motion Regarding Custody
PT-PKT Motion Regarding Parenting Time
FOC66 Response to Motion Regarding Parenting Time
FOC109 Motion Regarding Payment Plan/Discharge of Arrears
FOC117 Response to Motion Regarding Payment Plan/Discharge of Arrears

Complaint Forms

Number Form Title PDF PDF
COCS Support Complaint
PT-CMPLT Parenting Time Complaint
COHI Health Insurance and/or Medical Bill Reimbursement Complaint

Support Forms

Number Form Title PDF PDF
AD-CAN Cancellation of Agreement of Non-Enforcement
DIR-CR Direct Credit Form
MOD-APP IV-D Application – Request for Modification of a Court Order when the Order is at least 3 years old
VAC-CR Vacation Credit

Arrears Management Program (A.M.P.)

Number Form Title PDF PDF
DHS-681 DHS 681 – Request To Discharge State-Owed Debt
DHS-682 DHS 682 – Request for “Matching” Payment

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